Sunday, June 28, 2009


President Zelaya has been removed from the country and, in the eyes of the Honduran government, from office. This morning at 6 am the Honduran military went to his home, physically removed him and put him on a plane to Costa Rica pursuant to a court order issued by the Supreme Court. Today there was to be a vote of the Honduran people, a referendum, for an issue on November`s ballot pertaining to the extension of a President`s term limits, among other broadly termed changes to the Constitution. The Supreme Court ruled that this vote was illegal prior to the vote, but Zelaya wanted to continue regardless. He asked for the help of his military in seeing the vote took place and General Velasquez, the top dog, refused siding with the Supreme Court. Zelaya fired him, he was reinstated after the Supreme Court ruled he had been released without reason. Honduras has sworn in a provisional President, Roberto Micheletti, the head of Congress.

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Please know that I am safe and Peace Corps has been in constant contact with me about what is happening. Lots of friends, neighbors and co-workers are watching over me and keeping me informed. I am in extremely good hands. I have not seen any sort of violence of protesting and there seems to be a general sense of calmness where I live as well as through the entire country. The days ahead will provide us with more answers and a clearer picture of how this will play out. I will keep you posted.

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